Our Philosophy


Luke & Blue’s – The pursuit of homebuilding excellence where “Good Enough Never Is”

Luke & Blue’s doesn’t build houses … We build custom homes. A house and a home may have the same building materials and components; however, we believe that a home has much more meaning than simply being pieces and parts masterfully crafted together. A new home is a physical reality of many years of dreaming and designing. A new home has the hope and expectation of togetherness, of joy, of a new chapter in life. A new home is the future of many wonderful memories.

At Luke & Blue’s, we not only understand the significance in making the decision to build a custom home, but we also understand the responsibility we have as your custom homebuilder. That’s why our philosophy of “Good Enough Never Is” ensures that Luke & Blue’s is always striving for excellence in homebuilding and customer satisfaction.

The persistent mindset of “Good Enough Never Is” doesn’t just stop with our immediate Luke & Blue’s team. The extended Luke & Blue’s team, i.e. sub-contractors, material suppliers, and vendors, have all been well-versed in the Luke & Blue’s philosophy and are held accountable for anything less than excellence. That is why, when working on a Luke & Blue’s home, everyone performs to their highest ability.

***Luke & Blue’s – In the pursuit of homebuilding excellence, “Good Enough Never Is.”***

Contact us today! Whether you do or do not have financing, a home site, or completed architectural plans, we can help ensure you are provided professional, responsive, excellent service before, during, and after the construction of your new home.