It's truly meaningful to us when clients take the time to tell us about their experience when building their new home with Luke & Blue's. We'd like to share these testimonials that we're so proud to have received.

Luke & Blue's demands the highest quality of craftsmanship and professionalism from subs and suppliers which was evident to us from the project's inception.

By referring us to the Luke & Blue's list of preferred vendors, we connected with a group of local professionals that delivered guidance, product, value and service throughout the planning and installation phase. The process of selecting floors, fixtures, lighting, cabinets and countertops was streamlined. All installations were executed at the highest level.

Luke & Blue's accommodated our architect's design to perfectly execute uncommon elevated interior and exterior labor-intensive details.

Luke & Blue's senior team supervisors are courteous, available and skilled at managing subs and suppliers, relaying information and answering questions.

Delivery of the keys and the property on move-in was on time and an unforgettable experience! Our new residence exceeds our expectations of comfort, durability and beauty and exhibits overall excellence in construction.

Anne Tudor and Michael Sichel
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Luke & Blue’s craftmanship, professionalism, and commitment to excellence were on display from the very beginning of our journey. We had the pleasure of meeting Deron prior to actually working with our architect which allowed us the opportunity to establish rapport before building our “forever home.” Deron’s candor, openness to our ideas, and willingness to make adjustments suggested by us and by himself only further enhanced the functionality and overall beauty of our home. His attention to detail, even during the height of COVID-19, showed the tremendous pride he takes building truly custom homes. We enjoy our beautiful home and are pleased beyond words! If you are looking for a truly unique home that is significantly elevated above the rest, contact Deron Strickman at Luke & Blue’s!

Greg & Dawn Brown
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

We have been in the area 47 years and have seen a lot of contractors come & go. Deron, and his right hand man Eric, did a great job overseeing all construction from start to finish. We would definitely use Luke & Blue’s again on another home or commercial building.

The Wisen’s
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The best test is the test of time. I’ve been in my house 6 years now and it still looks like new. The construction quality is excellent. My son, whose business takes him into a lot of houses in this area, always comments on how well built my house is compared to others he sees.

Deron made building a house fun and easy. We planned out the details on the front end and avoided bumps in the road. Deron has an attention to detail that results in doing it right the first time. He was always accessible and does what he says when he says.

I would recommend Luke & Blues without hesitation. And the best part is we’re still friends. I feel lucky to have chosen Luke & Blues to build my home.

Kathy Martin
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

  • Always responsive.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Good ideas on how to improve on the structure and on the appearance of the house.
  • Enjoyed our interaction with Deron & his team.
  • Very good at keeping us apprised of cost and the impact of change orders.
  • Luke & Blue's always wanted to make sure that quality of construction was at the highest level.

The Mosley's
Marietta, GA

Exemplary experience from beginning to end:

     1. Vendors: Those recommended by L&B were the most knowledgeable and helpful we have ever encountered. All had great appreciation for our budget.

     2. Subcontractors: Were outstanding in every way - trim carpentry, painting, plumbers all extremely detailed and responsive.

     3. Communication: Contractor usually responded to questions within hours. We were extremely pleased.

     4. Budget: Initial proposal was reasonable as compared to other builders. L&B stayed within budget and completed our home one month early!

     5. Quality of work: 5 STARS

The Whitt's
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

As a couple familiar with the home building process, we can say with confidence that Luke & Blue’s has a unique combination of high quality construction, attention to detail, and an eye for aesthetics. Our home had engineering complexity, and Deron worked to find the best answers to address our wishes, while ensuring our home is solidly built. No home construction is free of unexpected challenges, and Luke & Blue's addressed these creatively, sharing options that would allow for the best outcome. One example of combining construction quality with aesthetics are the handrails in our three stairwells – they are beautiful and an amazing match to our wire brushed flooring. Our home turned out even better than we had imagined, and we appreciate the strive for perfection in the workmanship from Deron and his team.

Bob & Julie Elberfeld
West Chester, OH

We selected Luke & Blue's for the construction of our beach front home after an extensive interview process of speaking to several contractors. This is the fourth home we have built, so we are experienced in asking the right questions to select the best builder. We also live out of state, so knowing the builder we chose was going to be our eyes and ears on a daily basis was a key factor in our selection.

We had a wonderful experience from start to finish with Luke & Blue's. We felt that Deron, the owner, was building his own home. He was always available to speak to via phone or in person about the progress. He also was incredibly flexible relative to making changes during the process.

The sub-contractors that work for Deron deliver top quality workmanship. They were also very courteous and accommodating throughout the construction of our home.

We would recommend Luke & Blue's with our highest recommendation. They are a quality builder that take the greatest of care with their customers and deliver an amazing home.

Steven & Linda Barick
Dallas, TX

My experience with Deron (Luke & Blue's) was excellent. Deron was always available, listened, challenged and he delivered. Although, I wasn't happy with some sub-contractors, Deron always made good on areas / workmanship of concern. I am not the easiest person to deal with and Deron always treated me with the utmost respect and for that I believe Deron is a solid person and professional.

Tim Baker
New Burgh, IN

Building a new home is usually an exciting experience. But when you live thousands of miles away from the site, it could be stressful as well. There are thousands of decisions to be made. One of the best decisions we made for our new home was choosing Deron Strickman and Luke & Blue's construction company.

When we went looking for a contractor, we knew we needed someone who was a true professional, trustworthy and cared about our new home as much as we did. Deron is all these things and much more. He quickly answered our many questions and concerns and never seemed too busy to send us pictures and updates on construction. His Construction Manager, JD, was always available to resolve any issues both during and after construction.

We highly recommend Luke & Blue's to anyone considering building a new home.

Chuck & Edie Main
Port Ludlow, WA

We absolutely love our new home built by Luke & Blue's. Everything from our initial meeting, contract & construction was completed with the utmost professionalism. We initially contacted Deron while we were finalizing plans with our architect and HOA. He provided us with additional information to help us prepare for the building process.

Once we were ready to begin building our home, Deron and his team made it a totally enjoyable process. His sub-contractors were as professional as his immediate team. The building site was always clean and readily accessible. Each and every milestone was completed when promised. Any and all questions or concerns were answered in a timely manner...none too small to be responded to. Thank you, Luke & Blue's!

Ward / Zimmerman Residence
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Take my word for this: Deron Strickman of Luke & Blue's should build your home.

My wife and I are both practicing architects on the 30A corridor, and when we build our next home it will be with Luke & Blue's. I have worked extensively with Deron for years in my capacity as the Town Architect of the New Urban community of Draper Lake as well as in my own neighborhood of Forest Lakes, both in Blue Mountain Beach.

I consider Deron one of the finest builders I have had the pleasure of associating with, both in terms of quality of construction and professional integrity. His commitment to quality includes limiting his practice to a number of selected projects, avoiding overextension and the attendant loss of control that has bedeviled many a contractor in this area. He is disciplined in his approach, intelligent, experienced, and honest--I cannot imagine a better set of qualities in a builder. I gladly give Deron and Luke & Blue's my highest recommendation.

Douglas Bock, AIA, LEED-AP
Domin Bock Architects, LLC

Luke & Blue's was extremely detail oriented, thorough from beginning to end, and showed true professionalism in all aspects of the build process. Pricing was extremely fair and very well communicated. We are very pleased with our new home.

The Azzolinis
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Luke & Blue's delivered my wife's dream home on 30a. They were attentive, responsive and professional. They made us feel comfortable during the building process. We could not have chosen a better builder to deliver our beach home.

The Palmers
Atlanta, GA

Building a home with Luke & Blue's was an experience that exceeded all of our expectations...and our expectations were high! From the beginning, Deron's attention to every detail layed the groundwork for a successful journey. His interaction with our architect allowed for some in process "tweaking" to go seamlessly. We simply could not have asked for anyone who would have been more focused on detail than Deron was. The result was an extremely well built home with exceptional finish work. It's always a privelege to deal with an experienced professional whose ethics, honesty, fairness and character is beyond reproach. As owners of a Luke & Blue's home, we feel secure in knowing that it was all put together with craftsmans approach. We are very pleased indeed.

The Torreys
Knoxville, TN

Typically when you build a new home it can be a very stressful and trying ordeal. NOT the case with Luke & Blue's. It was smooth sailing from start to finish. We can't say enough about the excellent job that Luke & Blue's did building our new home.

The Bells
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Luke & Blue's showed true professionalism for the construction of our family's home. Timelines were met with clear communication for important matters. We appreciated the genuine passion from the smallest details to the largest pieces of our home. We would be thrilled to speak with anyone about our experience with Luke & Blue's!

The Keepmans
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

When it comes to building a home, some people may think it's stressful, confusing and just too many decisions, especially if you are a first-time home builder, like we were. Hiring Luke & Blue's to build our "Coastal Plantation" home in The Estuary was the best decision we could have made! Deron impressed us with his attention to detail from the beginning and it still continues to this day, months after we have moved in. He takes great pride in the quality of his work and holds his sub-contractors accountable for achieving excellent craftsmanship. He consistently went above and beyond to make sure that our expectations were not just "met" but exceeded.People are amazed when I say that building our home was "fun". And they are very surprised when I tell them, I not only recommend Luke & Blue's as a custom home builder, but that we are actually friends with our builder! Their response is always, "Well, you got lucky. He must have been a heck of a builder!" Deron is a heck of a builder, and we couldn't be more happy with our home.

The Murphys
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Deron Strickman of Luke & Blue's made our dreams come true. From the moment we met Deron, he gave us exactly what we asked for with his utmost attention to every detail. Deron's professionalism, workmanship, promptness, along with the quality of materials and products he uses far surpassed our expectations...not to mention, at a very competitive price. Deron's writing and communication skills, along with pictures and updates, kept us well informed without us having to regularly travel to visit our new home from afar. We enjoyed Deron's demeanor which was always very respectful, courteous, polite, trustworthy and well mannered. Deron came highly recommended and complimented by the architect we chose, as well as by the banking institution Deron recommended and by vendors Deron uses who serviced us. These recommendations gave us the confidence and peace of mind that we needed, especially since we live five hours away. Also, by using the bank and vendors Deron recommended, the entire building process was made smooth and easy because they were all too familiar with Deron's expectation that their quality of service must always be outstanding for a Luke & Blue's client. We were more than satisfied. Deron is a true craftsman of his profession. We have a beautiful custom built home of exceptional quality much sooner than we ever expected. The whole process was seamless, exciting and most enjoyable so much so that if we could afford to build 50 more homes with Luke & Blue's we would. We are very grateful and feel extremely blessed.

The Resors
Metairie, LA

Luke & Blue's was a class act from start to finish of our project. Deron's attention to every detail and high standards he sets for his sub-contractors gave us such peace during the building of our "dream home." We put our dreams in Deron's hands and "oh boy" did he deliver. Thank you Luke & Blue's for a great experience.

The Davis'
Peachtree City, GA

When my husband and I began the home building process we had daughters aged 3 and 18 months. We knew we wanted Luke & Blue's (Deron Strickman) as our builder and thank goodness he was available! We soon realized we were expecting our third child. Deron and his vendors were incredibly hard working and accomodating. I had to bring my little ones to many a meeting and no one ever seemed inconvenienced. They were able to meet with me and give me the personal attention required to make my home exactly as I pictured. And if ever a problem arose, Deron quickly handled the matter and the issue was resolved- usually that same day!The home that Deron built for our growing family far exceeds our expectations, and we are so pleased we chose Luke & Blue's as our homebuilder. So many people asked how we were able to build our home while raising two very little ones and expecting a third. They all remarked that they heard building was a painful process or they had very bad expeiences when building their own homes. I can't emphasize enough how wonderful the process was for us! Deron's attention to the smallest detail and his endless energy made for a memorable and exciting experience and gave us the home we truly wanted. When it comes to homebuilders, Luke & Blue's is undoubtedly the exception to the rule and Deron has set a new standard for customer service. Thank you Luke & Blue's!!!!!

The O'Connells
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Thank you so much for the job well done and the professionalism that you exhibited throughout. We'd recommend your company to everyone.

Jim Reagan, Property Chair
The First Presbyterian Church of Destin

What is to say about Luke & Blues that has not already been said? First and foremost Deron, how can we ever thank you for our beautiful home? Words cannot say enough about your beautifully crafted home which brings us such joy. As a testimonial, it is difficult to speak to all of the outstanding things that Deron does and what he has done for us. From the "getgo", Deron was expertly professional in all aspects of the building process. Attention to detail; obsessing over even the smallest aspect of the building process; holding his staff to the highest of standards; surrounding himself with the most professional and quality subcontractors; problem solving complex issues; a craftsman, architect and artist if you will with respect to the building process, it has been a marvel watching him work. Our land presented unique issues with respect to grade and erosion (42 acres of wooded ravines). The terraforming, berming, and grading for drainage, were works of art in their own right. Well, every single aspect of the build process was met with this extrordinary high attention to detail that typifies a Luke & Blue's home. After closing, Deron has checked in with us from time to time to see how everything is going. As a retired military pilot and anesthesia provider, our naturally high expectations have been exceeded by Luke & Blue's in the building of our home. Deron, thank you once again for such a beautiful home.

The Reinhardts
Milton, Florida

Our search for the style of home we would both appreciate led us to the homes built by Luke & Blues. After walking through the model homes, we were sold! Everything was right; style, detailing, colors, high ceilings, porches, all the things that we wanted were wrapped up in one package. Deron Strickman, Owner of Luke & Blue's, had numerous house plans for our consideration and we decided on one that we had never seen. It sounded like, and from the sketches, looked like it had all the basics and much more and Deron promised to deliver a home that had all the amenities plus the “Wow” factor.I think Deron’s personality is an intangible asset that can not be overlooked when discussing the overall success of the building project. He really listens to you, remembers, and ensures the ideas and details you expressed are incorporated into the finished product. So, with his expertise and input, our new home is an absolute showplace. Speaking of the “Wow” factor I mentioned earlier, everyone, without exception that has entered our front door, has stopped and just stood in the foyer saying “Wow.”If we should ever decide to build another home, Deron would be our only choice as the builder. We have already shared his web address with friends who have expressed an interest in building in this area so they can check out our home. [ The Lakeview ]

The Kenyons
Valparaiso, Florida

We purchased a Luke & Blue's home in May of '08 and have been thrilled with the quality of the construction, the attention to detail and the style of the home. We also have been pleased with the service after the sale. We would definitely purchase another Luke & Blue's home. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

The Browns
Albany, Georgia

I have dealt with several builders over the years and Luke & Blue's tops the list. Attention to detail and exceptional quality were the norm.

The Provines
Freeport, Florida

When my wife and I decided to build our retirement home in Florida we knew (living over a 1,000 miles away in Ohio) that we needed to find a builder who was not only actively involved day to day in the construction process, but also someone who was completely trustworthy. This, and more, is exactly what we found in Luke & Blue’s and Deron Strickman. From start to finish Deron orchestrated the building of our house with the same level of care and concern as if it were his own. This resulted in our home building experience being both an exciting and pleasant one. Deron's attention to detail from the foundation up has culminated in a custom built home of impeccable quality and a source of real pride on our part. In a world that readily anticipates and accepts “average” performance, Deron stands out as the exception to the rule. If you are looking for the best builder in the panhandle of Florida you need look no further than Luke & Blue’s.

The Dalksys
Cleveland, Ohio

As an engineer, it is not often that I work with contractors with a greater appreciation for details than myself, and Luke & Blue’s did just that. The level of comfort provided by such exceptional service and attention to detail is priceless in today’s “nickel and dime” market.

Neill R.A. O’Connell, P.E.
O’Connell & Associates Consulting Engineers

We are in the contracting business ourselves in another city. It is not often that we find a contractor who is as totally reliable as Deron. His word is absolute. He manages his subcontractors exceedingly well. We had complete confidence that all work was performed to highest standards despite the fact that we were out of town owners.

The Goins'
Miami, Florida

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deron Strickman, of Luke & Blues, LLC since 2005 and with each project he continues to deliver a top shelf product at a highly competitive price point.As a real estate professional here in Walton County, FL, I have referred Mr. Strickman and his services, to many of my clients who have expressed interest in building both custom and speculative homes. Unlike other builders, Mr. Strickman will take the time to truly understand his client’s needs and delivers a well built product on time and at the agreed upon budget.If quality and professionalism are important to you, look no further. Luke & Blues, LLC is by far the leader in both these areas.

Stafford Von Hoene, Realtor
Beach Group Properties, LLC

As an investor in real estate, it's a priority to surround myself with people I can trust. In the course of dealing with Deron in a couple of development projects, Deron gained my trust and I came to rely on his judgement when I needed help in my evaluation of specific opportunities. I could also trust Deron to deliver on time and on budget.

Joel Montgomery
St. Louis, Missouri

Working with Deron and Luke & Blue’s, L.L.C. has been a great experience. He handles his business relationship with the utmost integrity and professionalism. The quality of the homes he builds reflects a high level of attention to detail and workmanship.

Brett Wilson
President, First Florida Bank

Luke & Blue’s delivered the promised product on time with exceptional finished detail. Deron Strickman is a good, very experienced contractor.

Peter Blaydes
Memphis, Tennessee

As a real estate Broker representing many builders along the Gulf Coast of Florida, my passion for architecture and design has led me to the area's most respected building firms. Thankfully, representing Luke & Blue's has been an integral part of the success of my business, allowing me the gratifying involvement in delivering fine homes to appreciative buyers.

John Paul Somers
Broker, GRI

Being a local photographer, I have traveled extensively throughout Destin, south Walton County, up Hwy 331, and beyond. My primary assignments are for Realtors and Builders, photographing interiors and exteriors of some of the most stunning homes and projects this area has to offer.It took me less than an hour being hands-on, photographing several of Luke & Blue's homes at Forest Lakes on 30A, to realize that I was dealing with something very special. The build quality and attention to detail in Deron's projects are not only first-rate, but in fact often surpass the build quality I see in much more expensive homes. My livelihood is largely based upon recognizing the tiniest details and the finest attributes a home has to offer... I can say unequivocally that Luke & Blue's homes surpass every expectation, and are an exceptionally welcome surprise for our region.

Tim J Kramer
Tim Kramer Photography

Luke and Blue's Custom Home Builders on Scenic Highway 30A